Driver Delivery Program

Victorian Transport Association (VTA) Driver Delivery Program

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Want to go straight from your heavy vehicle license training into a driving job?

If so, the Victorian Transport Association's Driver Delivery Program is for you.

The Driver Delivery Program has been designed in consultation with the transport industry to give the industry what they want - skilled new-entrant drivers who have been exposed to those driving environments which they will come up against on a daily basis as a professional driver.

  • No previous heavy vehicle driving experience required - The DPP is designed specifically for highly motivated first time drivers / new-entrant drivers to the transport industry
  • No classroom time* just intensive practical driver training meaning applicants get all the time behind-the-wheel experience they need to be truly 'industry ready'
  • Enables successful applicants to get around the 'must have driving experience' rule applied by the transport industry when hiring new drivers
  • Course applicants who successfully complete the Driver Delivery Program will be presented to VTA member organisations for interview for employment^ at the completion of their training
  • The DDP is fully subsidised by the Victorian Transport Association (VTA)
  • Program entry available at the HR and HC level†
  • Is an initiative of the Victorian Transport Association in consultation with the Transport Industry and in partnership with Armstrongs Driver Education to deliver real driving experience and skills to produce an employment outcome.

Further information and an overview of the road transport industry, employment prospects, weekly earnings, current vacancies, and whether you're the right fit for the industry can be found here.

  • *Providing approved applicants attend an Armstrongs 'Pre-Drive' Theory Session if required
  • ^Successful completion of the practical driver training component of the DDP by an applicant does not of itself guarantee an employment outcome and normal hiring criteria apply. However an applicant's time behind-the-wheel training obtained during the program will be treated as their driving experience for the purposes of assessing their hiring suitability.
  • † Subject to meeting VicRoads licence eligibility criteria

Program Structure

The VTA DDP operates on demand subject to the selection process and availability.

Course Type Length Fee
Driver Delivery Program 8 Days Fully Subsidised

Program Overview

  1. Application
  2. Selection Process†
  3. Driver Evaluation
  4. Pre-Drive Theory Session*
  5. Driver Training & Assessment
  6. Employment Placement Process^

Terms and conditions apply.

†Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the selection process will not include fa ace-to-interview but may include a review of the applicant's application and other documents provided by the applicant and may include the VTA making contact with the applicant via phone or other form of communication (at the total discretion of the VTA). Where required Armstrongs can provide additional information about the program however any documentation provided by the applicant to Armstrongs and then provided to the VTA by Armstrongs does not constitute an application made by Armstrongs on behalf of the applicant or infer any recommendation by Armstrongs of the applicant. The approval/non-approval of an application is at the total discretion of the VTA. Armstrongs is not privy to the VTA's approval/non-approval process and is therefore not able to provide prospective applicants with reasons for non-approval.

*Approved program applicants must complete the Pre-Drive Theory Session prior to the commencement of their practical driver training. Pre-Drive sessions are delivered face-to-face by a qualified heavy vehicle trainer and are 4 hours in length during which students will be guided through the relevant information in preparation for their theory test and undergo off-road training and assessment. For those approved applicants who cannot complete their Pre-Drive Theory Session prior to the commencement of the driver training, Armstrongs and the VTA must be notified. In such circumstances the approved candidate will be required to complete their Pre-Drive Theory Session at the commencement of their program and the amount of behind-the-wheel training that the approved applicant receives will be reduced by the amount of time that the individual approved applicant requires to successfully complete the Pre-Drive Theory Session and assessments which may have an impact on the level of driving skill achievable by the applicant.

^In order to achieve an employment outcome, approved applicants must attend interviews with prospective employers as nominated and arranged by the Victorian Transport Association (VTA). Any offer of employment is subject to the final approval of the prospective employer and normal hiring criteria apply. Armstrongs is responsible for delivery of the heavy vehicle theory and practical training only and as such plays no role in the employment placement process. The employment placement process remains wholly with the VTA.

Program Outcomes

The program has been designed so that approved applicants will obtain their Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC) licence during the program subject to the approved applicant first satisfying the standard VicRoads licensing threshold.

Once the approved applicant has satisfied the VicRoads licensing standard, applicants will be introduced to advanced driving practices and principles and exposed to those driving environments that the applicant would ordinarily be exposed to on a daily basis as a professional driver.

Approved applicants are expected to obtain a very high level of driving skill and knowledge, far in excess of the standard VicRoads licensing standard. On the final day of the applicant's practical driver training the applicant will be assessed as to their risk profile and the results of same will be provided to the VTA. Applicants who successfully complete the program will therefore be expected to perform at a level comparable to that of a professional driver with 1-2 years of driving experience at the completion of their training.

Once an applicant has successfully completed their driver training and demonstrated that they possess high-level driving skills and knowledge, the Victorian Transport Association will work with its member organisations to place the approved applicant in a driving role.

Pre-Requisites & Entry Requirements

Applicants must satisfy VicRoads licence eligibility in order to be considered for entry into the Driver Delivery Program.

  • Applicants entering the program at the HR level must hold a current Australian Driver's Licence card; held for a minimum of 24 months;
  • For applicants entering the program at the HC level applicants must hold either a current Medium Rigid (MR), Heavy Rigid (HR), or combination of a MR and HR licence held for minimum of 12 months;
  • You must be competent in the operation of a manual vehicle and have obtained your licence in a manual vehicle. If you already hold a MR or HR licence then you must have obtained that licence using a Synchromesh or Non-Synchromesh gearbox and have an open or ‘B’ condition heavy vehicle licence.
  • Prospective applicants must first contact Armstrongs to obtain further information and discuss whether this program is right for them.
  • Undergo a telephone interview with a representative of the Victorian Transport Association
  • Attend the Victorian Transport Association's office for an interview (selection criteria apply) and be notified of their approval to undertake the program.

Required Materials

Applicants entering the program at the HR level will need to purchase or download a copy of the Victorian Bus & Truck Handbook.

For applicants entering the program at the HC level all required training materials will be provided by Armstrongs upon the VTA’s confirmation of acceptance into the program.

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